No other company offers this standard and as a program.  Most basic pest control programs don't cover Carpenter Ants, Cicada Killers, Carpenter Bees, Carpet Beetles, Mosquito's, Fleas & Ticks, Bedbugs, without paying a seperate cost to control these pests.  These additional costs can run into thousands of dollars.

Focus Pest Control does

Now introducing our newest program that covers them all*

it's truly the ultimate Pest Control Program that keeps your money where it belongs...your pocket.

Should you ever develop any one or more of these pests in your home, your covered.


Services run quarterly, with free services in between should you need them.

Each season in Pennsylvania brings on an onslaught of different pests that may invade your home.  Your personalized service is designed to be proactive and specifically targeted toward those pests whether there is evidence of them or not.  Our goal is to prevent them from getting in, in the first place. 


  1. Carpenter Ants:  Carpenter Ants are second only to Termites in the damage they cause. We use technology, and specific baits and dusts to find the nest and eliminate Carpenter Ants from behind walls, attics and exterior.  On a proactive basis, you attic is dusted using an Electro Magnetic Duster providing years of protection.

  2. Carpenter Bees:  Porch colums, Decks, eaves, pergolas, sheds, etc are treated prior to Carpenter Bee season.  For existing problems, Carpenter Bee Nests are treated with long lasting dusts not only to kill adults, but to kill larve hidden deep inside.  We then seal any existing holes with wood putty.

  3. Bedbugs:  Bedbugs are on the rise in Pennsylvania.  Since they are a bug of transfer no one is immune to developing an infestation of Bedbugs in their home.  Your covered at no additional cost for treatment.  Two services, two weeks apart and more should you need it.  We use Biopesticides, dusts, liquids to send them packing.

  4. Flea's:  Once they get a foothold in your home, they multiply quickly and in great numbers.  For every adult you see, there are five eggs waiting to hatch.  Dusts, liquids and a micron fogger aids in getting rid of flea's.  Two services two weeks apart.

  5. Tick's:  Vectors of debilitating diseases.  We don't take chances with Ticks.  Two exterior treatments, one in the Spring and again in the Fall using liquids and granulars on a proactive basis.  Should they get inside, your overed.

  6. Mosquito's:   The mosquito is actually one of the deadliest animals in the world, resulting in a lot of deaths every year.

  7. Carpet Beetles:  They may eat through your clothes, rugs, and furniture and may cause allergic reactions.  A combination of dusts and liquid and goodbye beetles.

  8. Cicada Killers:  If you have not experienced Cicada Killers hovering over your lawn, you in for a treat and will know it when you do.  Although they are basically harmless (Unless you touch one) they can be numerous, very large and loud and the males think nothing about getting in your face.  They breed in the ground where they lay there eggs becoming more numerous each year.  Service every two weeks until their gone.